Healthy Smoothie Recipes

The Healthy Smoothie Revolution

If you’re looking for healthy smoothie recipes then no doubt you know about all the health benefits and weight loss effects of properly prepared smoothies. The best smoothie recipes have a good dose of green leafy vegetables, a small amount of fruit, and use a non-dairy liquid like coconut or almond milk. Be on the lookout for super market smoothie recipes that contain artificial ingredients or loads of sugar. Even though these look healthy, all that sugar can put on weight.

If you’re new to smoothie making I’ve included some smoothie making tips below. After looking over the tips, Check out The Smoothie Diet for Weight Loss. It includes everything you need to lose weight fast, get loads of energy and improve your health!

healthy smoothie recipes

Some Quick Smoothie Making Tips

Once you start making green smoothies, you will be absolutely amazed at the benefits: more energy, clearer skin, weight loss and better overall health. They’re easy to make and are a perfect quick meal, but there are ways you can make them better to improve your experience. Read on for some tips!

    • Dairy products should be used sparingly, especially with fruit. Too much dairy and fruit can cause digestive issues, not to mention adding calories and fat, which will inhibit weight loss.
    • Try to steer clear of packaged fruit juice and sweetened non-dairy milks as well since these are mostly loaded with sugar. You’ll get plenty of vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruits and veggies you use; you don’t need extra sugar.
    • Use as little added sweetener as possible, and keep it to natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey. Once you’ve gotten rid of refined sugars from your diet, you’ll find even fruit can be too sweet.
    • You can add just about anything to your smoothies that you want to — but that doesn’t mean you should. Add only fresh, whole foods to your smoothies and stay away from anything processed. If it comes in package, it probably shouldn’t be added to your smoothies.
    • Don’t try to take short cuts by adding “smoothie mixes” or other unhealthy ingredients to your smoothies. These promise real fruit, but in reality, you’re just getting unnecessary sugar.
    • Out and about and thinking of stopping at a local smoothie joint? Be careful, or you may be getting more than you bargain for. If you must get something to go, ask what exactly is going to go in your smoothies. If you don’t know what it is (like protein blends or other “power” ingredients), ask them not to add it. If you can watch them add fresh, whole fruit and veggies, even better. Remember, fruit purees and other ingredients that have undergone processing are likely to contain ingredients you don’t want, namely sugar.
    • Frozen fruit is a great option if it doesn’t contain added sugar. You can also freeze your own fruit by laying it on a sheet tray, freezing the tray until solid and then transferring the fruit to plastic bags. Grapes and bananas freeze really well.
    • You can also freeze liquids like brewed tea and coconut water in ice cube trays. Use these in place of ice in your smoothie.
    • For maximum health and nutrition, rotate your ingredients frequently, including the types of greens you use.
    • Don’t like a certain food? Leave it out. It’s okay if you don’t like bananas or you think chard is too bitter. As long as you’re eating enough fresh foods, missing out on one ingredient isn’t going to kill you.
    • Many health food stores, as well as some regular stores, have bulk bins where you can buy small amounts of unfamiliar foods in smaller quantities. This way you can try different nuts, seeds, grains or spices without having to commit to a big, expensive bag.
    • Try not to get too caught up in the “super food” trend. It can be expensive, and if it hasn’t been on the market for long, you can’t be sure it’s even as good for you as marketing companies say it is. Remember, there is no one magical food that is a cure all — you have to eat a wide variety of foods to fulfill all of your nutritional needs.

Health And Wellness For life

These tips are sure to make your smoothies better, while keeping you healthy! Smoothies are great, but they’re only a small part of health and wellness equation. If you’re looking to boost your health and wellness, make sure to check out these health and wellness tips you can use every day.