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Why Green Smoothies

Why Green Smoothies?

You’ve probably had a fruit smoothie or two, and probably enjoyed them. Even better is the fact that they are healthy and filling. Well, what if I told you that you could make your smoothie even more nutritious?

You can, and it’s by making your regular fruit smoothie “green”. To do this, you simply add leafy greens and other veggies to your smoothie, which raises the bar from “healthy” to “nutrient powerhouse”.

Dark Leafy Greens: Why You Need to Eat More

When it comes to nutrient per calorie ratio, you won’t find anything better than leafy greens. This is because they are super low in calories (around 20 per cup of packed raw greens) and higher in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than almost any other food. This means you can eat a lot of them with no fear of expanding your waistline. Even other nutritious foods like nuts, healthy fats, and even fruit can’t make this same claim.

Once you begin drinking green smoothies, you will notice a huge difference in your energy levels, your skin will be clearer and other health conditions like acid reflux will slowly become non-existent. In some cases, diabetics and others with health problems can reduce or eliminate medications simply from eating a diet that contains more green vegetables and plant foods, although you should definitely talk to your doctor before trying this on your own.

Protein Powerhouse

Most people are surprised to learn that leafy greens are super high in protein; calorie for calorie it’s even higher than red meat. Yes, red meat. How is that possible you might ask? And if this is the case, why don’t we get all of our protein from greens? Let’s try the following exercise:

Picture in your head 100 calories of meat, the stuff we most often associate with protein. If you’ve ever dieted or counted calories, you probably know that it’s not a lot. It’s more than a bite or two, but not much: About 2 slices of bacon or half of a small hamburger. Not enough to make a meal.

Now replace the picture of meat with 100 calories of spinach. Keep adding spinach until you have enough to fill the biggest bag of spinach in your grocery store, or 1 full pound of spinach.

How full do you think you’ll be after eating two slices of bacon? Not very. Eat all that spinach and you’ll be pretty full. In addition, you’ll be getting plenty of fiber, heart healthy antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. Eat like this and you’ll have clear skin, more energy than you’ ever imagined and no saturated fat. You won’t get all that from two slices of bacon.

So, What’s The Problem?

The problem is that it can be difficult for many people to eat a lot of greens at one time, which is where green smoothies come in. When blended with some fruit, liquid and other healthy ingredients, you can’t taste the greens, but you can drink a whole lot of them without having to chomp down on salad until the end of time. You can literally eat as many greens as you need to make you full. Some nutritionists even believe that you get more nutrients the more you chew on them, which makes blending them up an added bonus.

In a nutshell, drinking greens means you are much more full on fewer calories, which is the perfect solution for those trying to lose weight. Of course, from a nutritional standpoint, drinking green smoothies is good for everyone, so drink up!